In case of higher travels (from 17 to 35 m), GMV recommends electrical lifts type GLB-MRL® of loads from 320 to 1000 kg with a belt-gearless drive unit equipped with a VVVF frequency converter and European type examination certified. The lifts are characterized by a travelling speed of 1 m/s, very high travelling comfort, low noise emission and accurate stopping of the cabin at stop level. In case of power supply failure (blackout), a UPS unit (device of batteries – 230 V) will enable the lift to travel at nearest stop open doors opening and let the passengers leave the cabin. Moreover, the UPS unit enables the manual lift control in case of passengers emergency freeing.

The drive unit is mounted on the top of the guides and that solution enables the forces to be transmitted down the shaft’s bottom. Thanks to it, the lift’s shaft is a lighter and much cheaper construction.

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