• Item Details
    • - All components are packaged according to their assembly sequence. Fixing accessories for each component are available in separate bags
    • - Fail-safe installation by product design: pre-mounted sill group, quick referencing solutions built in the frames. No tools required for installation of side brackets
    • - Operators and mechanisms tested and pre-adjusted
    • - Identical panel design for fast and slow panels, right and left opening, central and side opening: no possible mistakes when mounting the panels
    • - Designed to reduce adjustments to an absolute minimum
    • - Even faster assembly time for the landing door (max. 48 min.) and for the car door (max. 60 min.) with 1 installer, including unpacking and adjustments.
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  • Item Details
    • Hydra is the Wittur multifunctional proposal: a system designed for maximum application flexibility. The wide variety of executions can be used with any kind of application, from residential buildings up to office buildings and hotels.
    • Advantages
    • - Flexible and reliable door
    • - Wide variety of configurations and executions
    • - Complete range of finishes
    • - Possibility to satisfy every single application with an high degree of personalization
    • - The landing door Hydra is combined with Hydra Plus operator, Pegasus Plus operator (medium-high traffic), Eco Piuma and Hydra 3000 Plus operator (for medium-low traffic)
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  • Item Details
    • Pegasus is the multifunctional answer to the requirement of a door capable of withstanding heavy traffic in hotels, public buildings, hospitals and shopping centres. The large diameter of its rollers and the advanced materials ensure high smoothness.
    • Advantages
    • - High opening speeds and very smooth operation
    • - Thanks to the particular resistance of its mechanism and the large diameter of its rollers, Pegasus offers high performances
    • - Particularly suitable for large doors or significant weight
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  • Item Details
    • - Reliable and robust structure designed for high speed, high traffic lift systems.
    • - Fast and silent door opening (“high performance rollers”, fixed external counterweight, door lock mounted on bearings).
    • - A range of design solutions and options makes Pegasus Skyline an ideal choice for high speed installations: “Rush Hour” option adjusts door speed according to time of day; labyrinth on both door opening and closing side avoid air turbulence through the chinks.
    • - Wittur Pegasus Skyline is available in a wide range of door types to fulfil any installation requirement, from single panel to 4-panel central opening.
    • - A variety of available finishes and options including stainless steel cladding, glass framed panels, hidden sill makes it easy to adapt Pegasus Skyline to any level of interior design.
    • - SUPRA brushless door drive can move heavy weight panels with low energy consumption per cycle
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HYDRA 3000

  • Item Details
    • Hydra 3000 landing door is manufactured in several configurations and executions. Thank to its versatility and to its compact construction, Hydra 3000 ensures high flexibility especially for elevator modernization purposes. Its small size guarantees an high adaptability and fits itself perfectly to all shaft conditions. It's manufactured in two, three, four panels, with a minimum clear opening of 500 mm up to a maximum of 1200 mm.
    • Advantages:
    • - Ideal solution for refurbishment market
    • - Reduced sill dimension (50 mm – 75 mm – 116 mm)
    • - Reduced thickness frames (30 mm – 40 mm)
    • - Frames width variable on demand (from a minimum clear opening of 80 mm up to a maximum of 200 mm)
    • - Frames cut al floor level (on request)
    • - It can be supplied complete with frames and panels (assembled and preregulated), or only mechanism with or without panels
    • - It's coupled to Hydra 3000 PLUS operator and Eco-Piuma operator in case of modernization with limited weight or dimensions
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  • Item Details
    • Fineline landing doors features an extremely compact footprint and has been designed to insert an automatic car door and an automatic landing door in a minimal depth. Fineline advantages are very relevant in a modernization project for existing lifts. In the space where previously only a car door could be installed, it is now possible to install an automatic car door and an automatic landing door.
    • Advantages:
    • - Very compact footprint: car door + sill gap + landing door = 115 mm
    • - Can be used as a complete door system (car door and landing door) or combined with existing swing doors
    • - Available option: window in door panel
    • - Ideal for modernization of existing lifts
    • - Compliant with 95/16/CE directive, EN81 and EN81-80 (SNEL) standards and norms for disabled people
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  • Item Details
    • Taurus is beyond all doubt the strongest landing door of Wittur production range. Ideal for really heavy traffic solutions, such as large-dimensions and heavy-duty goods lifts, it is designed especially for industy. The rigid construction of this door allows unlimited openings and a long-lasting performance.
    • Advantages:
    • - Total panel weight up to 2000 kg
    • - Centre opening from two to six panels
    • - One-side opening from two to three panels
    • - Clear opening from a minimum of 800 mm up to a maximum of 5000 mm
    • - It's coupled to its Taurus operator
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  • Item Details
    • Nettuno landing door is the perfect solution to take in when it is not possible to fit the operator over the car roof. Example of such exigencies are trade centres, metro stations, airports. The mechanism is positioned in the lower side and this opens up a lots of new installation possibilities.
    • Advantages:
    • - Ideal solution for prestigious and panoramic installations
    • - Available in panoramic version with glass panels or glass-framed panels
    • - Tempered full glass panels
    • - It's manufactured in two versions, two and four panels, with a clear opening of 600 mm up to 2600 mm
    • - Maximum height 2500 mm
    • - It's coupled to Nettuno operator
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  • Item Details
    • Luna landing door is perfect for prestigious installations when aesthetic and performances are decisive factors. The wide finishing range and the potential special solutions makes Luna door suitable to customized architectonic designs.
    • Advantages:
    • - Ideal solution for prestigious and panoramic installations
    • - Available in panoramic version without EN81-58 certification with glass panels or glass-framed panels
    • - EN81-58 E120 Fire rated version available
    • - It is manufactured in two versions, one panel side opening and two panels central opening
    • - It's coupled to its Luna operator
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